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The Carolina Kayak Club (CKC) is based primarily in the Triangle area of North Carolina with members throughout North & South Carolina and surrounding states.  CKC is a non-profit organization.  We are a group of people who share a love of paddlesports.  CKC supports its members by offering educational events.  Classes are offered on basic to advanced paddling skills.  CKC sponsors an annual symposium which is a fantastic opportunity for members.  Our monthly meeting topics have included favorite paddling locations, guest presenters from conservation organizations, and the history of greenland boats. Volunteers in the club organize trips for members.   We hold day paddles and overnight camping trips on lakes, rivers, and coastal waters


CKC trips follow the Common Adventure Model where two or more individuals work cooperatively toward common goals, sharing responsibilities as equitably as possible.  There is no official leader of the trip, nor are there paid guides.  Any instructions or advice provided by any member of the group is given gratuitously in the spirit of cooperation.  Members of the group do not hold one another or others liable for accidents.  The success or failure of a common adventure trip rests not in the hands of one member or CKC, but in the hands of everyone who participates on the trip.

Membership in CKC is fee based.  We have one year individual or family memberships.  CKC does not offer trial memberships.  Dues range from $20 for an individual membership to $35 for a family membership.  A list of benefits to joining CKC is here, Membership Benefits.  To begin your adventure with CKC today, click Member Signup.





Our mission is to have fun paddling on lakes, estuaries, lazy rivers, sounds and oceans.





 We accomplish our mission by the following:
  • Offering organized trips with experienced volunteers throughout the year.
  • Encouraging explorations of our recreational waterways.
  • Encouraging preservation of waterways, conservation of rivers and wildlife.
  • Promoting the enjoyment, appreciation, and respect of the wilderness.






The Board determines the direction of CKC by keeping in mind the best interest of the club's members and mission.  The Board makes all decisions about operational activities unless otherwise specified by the bylaws.  Routine decisions may be delegated to committee Chairs managing club activities.   Those decisions may be overridden by the Board.  The Board appoints non-elected committee chairpersons.


The Board consists of nine Officers.  The elected members of the Board are: President, Vice President, Cruise Chair, Member at Large, Membership, Training Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer.  The Past President is the ninth position providing historical continuity. 


Members can access the bylaws to learn more on the official organization of the club.  Members can also see who is currently filling board and committee chair positions by going to Committees.