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Our club is designed so we could have fun kayaking.  Join the Carolina Kayak Club (CKC) to meet other friendly kayakers while enjoying the following benefits.

  • Read and take part in online discussions with fellow kayakers through our online forums. The forums let you chat about everything related to paddling, from gear questions to selling gear, from where to paddle to sharing paddling experiences, and much more.
  • Add some excitement and exercise to your week with our weekly paddles.   The weekly paddles also provide an opportunity to meet others who like to paddle. Club volunteers organize and hold paddling events on weekends and during the week also. We have events for every type of paddler; from relaxing paddles on quiet waters to longer, adventurous paddles in far away places.
  • Have an adventure on one of our kayak camping trips. CKC organizers design and hold multi-day kayaking camping trips. Some of these trips offer camping in State Parks while exploring a new area by kayak. Other trips offer camping in a back-country campsite, accessible only by kayak.
  • Hone your abilities and learn new skills with our classes, workshops, and programs. You'll learn about places we've paddled, paddling safety, navigation, and different types of kayak paddles and kayaks. We've held workshops on how to pack your kayak for camping trips and how to build skin-on-frame kayak and more!  The annual CKC symposium is a fantastic opportunity for members.  The symposium is held on a weekend early in the paddling season.  For a small registration fee the symposium includes tent camping, a dinner, and on-water and off-water classes taught by some wonderful instructors.  In addition to classes and workshops, the monthly club meetings feature interesting presentations from experts and fellow paddlers to help you learn new skills or stir your imagination.
  • Get great deals from area outfitters and instructors with our Member Discount Program. The program gives members discounts on paddling classes from participating outfitters.
  • Organize your own trips. Once you have learned the necessary skills and completed the Organizer Training Workshop, you can post trips on the CKC calendar to invite members to your events. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. 
  • CKC Scholarships. CKC sets aside funds to use as scholarship money to help defer some of the costs of kayak instruction. Members who share their time, skills, and energy with the club can apply for kayaking-oriented scholarships. To be eligible for a scholarship, CKC members must serve the club by volunteering as trip organizers, class instructors, class assistants, committee members or chairs, or perform some other worthwhile service to the club.
  • Make a real difference in the places you love and enjoy by taking part in our efforts to keep our paddling places clean. We organize cleanup events and take part in others (Clean Sweep, for example). Most of us that enjoy the outdoors seem to understand how important it is to keep it clean and do what we can to make the Earth a little "greener".


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